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lab/p (2) - Workshop in Leipzig

In the beginning of December new and exiting results of the latest project developement have been presented and discussed. The teams worked hard and intensiv! We are looking forward to our premiere in April at Filmfest Dresden! more

LAB/P-Film "Die Angst des Wolfs vor dem Wolf" wins at ZEBRA

We are very happy to announce the success of one of our films from the the first edition of lab/p - poetry in motion. „Die Angst des Wolfs vor dem Wolf“ by director Juliane Jaschnow and author Stefan Petermann won the „Ritter Sport Filmpreis“ (gestiftet von der Alfred Ritter GmbH und CO KG) in the German Competition o... more

lab/p (1)@ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

Two of our lab/p - poetry in motion (1) films are selected for the German Competition of ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival in Münster, Germany:

Das Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild

D/COL 2014 von Catalina Giraldo Vélez; Text: Marlen Pelny

Die Angst des Wolfs vor dem Wolf

D... more

Viva Violence in Rome!

The WIENER POETRY FILMFESTIVAL is on tour at the POETRY FILM SCREENING DAYS ROME and will present VIVA VIOLENCE by Katharina Merten and Johanna Maxl.

The Screening will take place on 29. September in Teatro Villa Torlonia and is supported by the City of Rome. http:/... more

lab/p - Let's get started

Finally on 8. Juli 2016 we started with all new participants our second edition of lab/p - poetry in motion 2. After some general instructions by artistic director Cathy de Haan and project manager Vera Schmidt all filmmakers and poets presented themself with previous works. Now we are looking forward who will work tog... more


Our jury celebrates the selected paticipants of lab/p – poetry in motion 2 „Über das Ankommen....“

Linda Achberger
Julian Amankwaa
Sandra Barth
Justine Bauer
Susanna Berivan
Katia S. Ditzler
Charlotte Eifler
Annegret Ehrhardt
Juliane Franke
Magdalena Kotzurek

licht and tenebrae

The exhibition ''Licht and Tenebrae'' – a title in a mix of languages to represent the cultural diversity of the participating artists – explores the language of light and darkness in the optical medium photography and video, then jumps into the ''tenebrae'', the darkness, to bring back artworks about memory. Anne Kat... more

The Picture...@Film Poetry Festival of Athens

"The Picture in the Picture in the Picture in the Picture" by Catalina Giraldo Veléz and Marlen Pelny will be screened at Film Poetry Festival of Athens. more

lab/p-Films@Poetry Film Festival Wien

"Viva Violence" (Katharina Merten & Johanna Maxl) and "Kaspar Hauserin" (Nelly Guseynova & Katia S. Ditzler) have been selected for the competition at Poetry Film Festivals Wien 2015/ ART VISUALS & POETRY. Both films will be screened in Wettbewerbsprogramm III "Animation & Medi... more

ZEBRA Poetry Film Club

Lab/p-film "Das Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild" by Catalina Giraldo Velez and Marlen Pelny will be presented in the course of the new ZEBRA Poetry Film Club on 28 October, 2015 in the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin.


Honorary Mention

Congratulations: At backup Festival in Weimar the jury gave a Honorary Mention to "Das Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild | The Picture in the Picture in the Picture in the Picture by Catalina Giraldo Veléz und Marlen Pelny. more

lab/p@backup Weimar

Soon backup Festival in Weimar starts: From 27. to 31. Mai 2015 you can enjoy shorts from students and alumnis of several art and design schools. In Competition:
„Das Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild" by Catalina Giraldo Velez and Marlen Pelny
 "Echo" by Damaris Z... more

lab/p@Kino Schlosstheater Münster

Best of ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2014: Filmwerkstatt Münster presents the best poetry films at Lyrikertreffen Münster im Schlosstheater - screenings of "Echo" by Damaris Zielke & Peter Thiers and "Viva Violence" von Katharina Merten & Johanna included.

Infos and dates: more

Audience Award Kurzsuechtig

Congratulations! At KURZSUECHTIG Animation this wednesday 8.4.15 in Schaubühne Lindenfels Juliane Jaschnow & Stefan Petermanns won the audience award with their artwork „Die Angst des Wolfs vor dem Wolf“ (The Wolf Fearing the Wolf). more


Three films of our project lab/p have been selected for „kurzsuechtig"/ Sektion Animation:

"Ausgebranntes Haus" (Regie: Eva-Maria Arndt, Antje Kersten)
"Das Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild" (Regie: Catalina Giraldo Velez, Text & Sound: Marlen Pelny)
"Die A... more

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