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World Premiere: lab/p – poetry in motion 3

We are celebrating the world premiere of lab/p - poetry in motion 3, an exciting collaboration of authors and film makers from Egypt and Germany.
In an intensive intercultural discourse on eye level the 6 teams created 6 short poetry films. Each film invites you  - with its own artistic signature - to explor... more

lab/p 3 on the move with Islam Kamal

The current phase of lab/p3 involves hands-on coaching by the artistic directors in Egypt and Germany. The beginning made the visual artist Islam Kamal by intensely discussing in Leipzig at Deutsches Literaturinstitut Leipzig with the lab/p3 artists the new developments. And of course - celebrating a happy reunion - fo... more

Alexandria: Screening & Reading at Goethe Institute

After setting up a cinema in the desert (Oasis Siwa) for screening our first collaborative micro films we switched from sand to sea. Exploring magic Alexandria and filling the days with inspiration and team building. A wonderful evening with readings and screenings followed at the Goethe Institut Alexandria. more

Meet the participants of the new edition lab/p 3

Congrats!!! We are delighted to welcome 6 authors and 6 filmmakers from Egypt and Germany to lab/p - poetry in motion 3. Amidst a high-level competition and a multi-layer selection process - You've made it! Can't wait to get started.....Artists Egypt: from left to right: Ahmed Hamed, Yara Aly, Yara Ahmed, Mennah El... more

Meet the lab/p3 jury!

Delighted to introduce to you the film making and poetry experts who decided in Alexandria and Leipzig on the participants. Shukran, thank you & vielen Dank for your marvellous support!
For Egypt from left to right, top: Sahar Hamouda, Noor Abed, Alaa Khaled, Andrew Mohsen, and bottom: Thekla Worch-Ambara... more

lab/p - poetry in motion 3 - Identity

Apply now - deadline 22.06.2018!

lab/p - poetry in motion is a programme which supports up - and - coming authors and filmmakers for the collaborative development of poetry films. It provides an early international co-producing experience as well as the option to enhance the professional network by an... more


We celebrate 4 nominations at the wonderful film fest of the region:

Animation: (11. April 2018)
SCHARNIERE by Jonathan-David Wedler & Magdalena Kotzurek
PARADIES MIT LAUBE by Sandra Barth & Anna Schöning

Experimental: (14. April 2018)
ACGT by Nick Tepl... more

World premiere lab/p-poetry in motion 2@Filmfest Dresden

OSTPOL proudly presents
the 2nd edition of lab/p -poetry in motion: New animation and experimental films - developed by teams of film makers and writers from the region in an interdisziplinary working process. The films provide a thrilling insights on contemporary poetry and film aesthetic and offer the chan... more

lab/p (2) - Workshop in Leipzig

In the beginning of December new and exiting results of the latest project developement have been presented and discussed. The teams worked hard and intensiv! We are looking forward to our premiere in April at Filmfest Dresden! more

LAB/P-Film "Die Angst des Wolfs vor dem Wolf" wins at ZEBRA

We are very happy to announce the success of one of our films from the the first edition of lab/p - poetry in motion. „Die Angst des Wolfs vor dem Wolf“ by director Juliane Jaschnow and author Stefan Petermann won the „Ritter Sport Filmpreis“ (gestiftet von der Alfred Ritter GmbH und CO KG) in the German Competition o... more

lab/p (1)@ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

Two of our lab/p - poetry in motion (1) films are selected for the German Competition of ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival in Münster, Germany:

Das Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild

D/COL 2014 von Catalina Giraldo Vélez; Text: Marlen Pelny

Die Angst des Wolfs vor dem Wolf

D... more

Viva Violence in Rome!

The WIENER POETRY FILMFESTIVAL is on tour at the POETRY FILM SCREENING DAYS ROME and will present VIVA VIOLENCE by Katharina Merten and Johanna Maxl.

The Screening will take place on 29. September in Teatro Villa Torlonia and is supported by the City of Rome. http:/... more

lab/p - Let's get started

Finally on 8. Juli 2016 we started with all new participants our second edition of lab/p - poetry in motion 2. After some general instructions by artistic director Cathy de Haan and project manager Vera Schmidt all filmmakers and poets presented themself with previous works. Now we are looking forward who will work tog... more


Our jury celebrates the selected paticipants of lab/p – poetry in motion 2 „Über das Ankommen....“

Linda Achberger
Julian Amankwaa
Sandra Barth
Justine Bauer
Susanna Berivan
Katia S. Ditzler
Charlotte Eifler
Annegret Ehrhardt
Juliane Franke
Magdalena Kotzurek

licht and tenebrae

The exhibition ''Licht and Tenebrae'' – a title in a mix of languages to represent the cultural diversity of the participating artists – explores the language of light and darkness in the optical medium photography and video, then jumps into the ''tenebrae'', the darkness, to bring back artworks about memory. Anne Kat... more

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