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lab/p - poetry in motion 3 - Identity

your text meet my visuals - your visuals meet my text = our film




World Premiere at AL Film Berlin and Leipzig-Premiere

The teams celebrated the world premiere of their films at AL Film Festival Berlin. After the screenings at Arsenal and Wolf cinema filmmakers, authors and producers went to Leipzig to celebrate at OSTPOL's homebase with friends and supporters.


Workshops in Leipzig and Alexandria

In further five more plenums meetings in Leipzig and Alexandria the participants discussed the work in process.


Personal consultancy by Islam Kamal, Artistic Director Egypt

Workshop in Siwa and Alexandria

The third edition of the poetry film programme lab/p has been realised as an Egyptian-German co-production of OSTPOL Leipzig and Fig Leaf Studios Alexandria.

Inspired by the topic „Identity“ authors and filmmakers created jointly in 6 international teams 6 short films: Each author from Egypt teamed up with a filmmaker from Germany, each author from Germany teamed up with a filmmaker from Egypt for developing texts and visual in an intense dialogue - starting in September 2018.

The animation and experimental films of lab/p 3 take us - each with its unique artistic signature - on an adventure beyond the common aesthetics. They invite us emotionally, politically, ironi-cally and playfully to reflect upon „Identity“ in an intercultural context.

Visit of Oasis Siwa
Reception with screenings and readings at the Goethe Institut Alexandria

Participants Egypt/Germany

We are delighted to welcome 6 authors and 6 filmmakers from Egypt and Germany to lab/p - poetry in motion 3. They will now form 6 binational & interdisciplinary teams to develope new poetry films.
Artists Egypt: from left to right: Ahmed Hamed, Yara Aly, Yara Ahmed, Mennah El-Atroush, Amar El-Qady Nissmah Roshdy.
Artists Germany from left to right: top Alina Cyranek, Geeske Janssen, Özlem Özgül Dündar, front row: Rika Tarigan, Mario Osterland, Dennis Trendelberend.



lab/p - poetry in motion 3 - identity

lab/p - poetry in motion 3 - Identity is an intercultural and interdisciplinary programme of OSTPOL e.V. Leipzig and Fig Leaf Studios Alexandria with the support of Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM), Goethe-Institut Alexandria, Media Authority Saxony, (SLM) , Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen (KdFS) in cooperation with Bauhaus University Weimar, Deutsches Literaturinstitut - University of Leipzig (DLL), ALFILM - Arab Film Festival Berlin and Poetry Film Kanal.

The programme is dedicated to foster a new generation of authors and animation and experimental filmmakers. It provides an early international co-producing experience as well as the option to enhance the professional network by an intercultural exchange. For achieving this goal we will invite to lab/p - poetry in motion 3 -  IDENTITY 3 authors and 3 filmmakers who are residents of the Nile Delta and 3 authors and 3 filmmakers who are residents of Central Germany (Saxony, Saxony- Anhalt or Thuringia).



The growing diversity of society and life designs is a current topic in Egypt and Germany. The term IDENTITY attaches very private, individual as well as societal and political positions. What defines me? The place or the family or religion I'm born in? My gender?...

For lab/p3 12 artists from Egypt and Germany will collaborate in an artistic discourse on Identity.


Who can apply?

Applicants should be either residents of the Nile Delta - for the application in Egypt - or Central Germany (Saxony, Saxony- Anhalt or Thuringia) for the application in Germany.

Authors and filmmakers should be in the beginning of their careers and should at least have one text be published or one film screened at a festival.



The programme offers a continuous coaching: starting with a workshop in September in Egypt - followed by monthly group sessions - parallel in Egypt and Germany - and will celebrate its final with the premieres at ALFILM Arab Film Festival Berlin and in Leipzig in April 2019.

The 12 participants (6 teams) will be invited to the workshop in Egypt in September 2018 and the premieres in Germany in April 2019. During the development process professionals will coach the participants for the production of their 6 short films in group sessions in both countries.

The goal is to develop and finalise 6 short films in a dialogue on eye-level: an Egypt- based author will team up with a Germany-based filmmaker, a Germany-based author will team up with an Egypt-based filmmaker - for creating jointly a poetry film. The poetic text for each film should be written by one team member.

The 6 short films will be presented as special programme during ALFILM Arab Film Festival Berlin. As programme documentation a mutilingual book (Arabic -English - German) and a dvd will be published.

The programme language is English therefore participants should be able to communicate fluently in English for discussing their ideas with the project partners. Submitted poetic reference texts for the Arab jury can be in Arabic, for the German jury in German. Submitted films should have English subtitles.


Calendar for applicants from Germany

Call for entries: 25.05.- 22.06.2018

Invitation for selected applicants to the jury interviews 28.06.2018

Jury interviews in Leipzig: 26.07.2018 10:00 - 18:00 h

Notification of the jury decision: Evening 26.07.2018

Kick-off workshop in Leipzig 27.07.2018 13:00 - 21:00h

Workshop in Egypt with the partners: 31.08.- 11.09.2018


Jury Members Egypt/Germany


License rights

Please note, that OSTPOL and the project partners will recieve the non exclusive rights for the non commercial screening of the 6 short films. All other rights remain with the teams.

Requirements for the application

- the completed application form

- cv and bibliography/ filmography (max. 3 pages)

- letter of motivation (max. 1 page)

- References:

- either up to 3 (max.3 pages ) poetic texts

- or up to 3 links to films

apply here

Ready to start? We are very much looking forward to your application! For further questions - don't hesitate to contact us:




Legal action is prohibited. 


Jury Members Egypt/Germany


Jury Germany

- Fadi Abdelnour, Head of Programme, ALFILM - Arab Filmfestival Berlin
- Cathy de Haan PhD., CEO OSTPOL, Artistic Director lab/p3 Germny
- Aline Helmcke, Animation Artist, Lecturer Bauhaus University Weimar, Co-Director Poetry Film Kanal
- Anne King, Referee Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM)
- Guido Naschert PhD., Council Member of of the Association for Literature Thuringia, Co-Director Poetry Film Kanal
- Cosima Stracke-Nawka, Referee Media Authority Saxony (SLM)
- Annegret Richter, Managing Director German Association of Animation Film (AG Animationsfilm)
- Thomas Zandegiacomo Del Bel, Head of Programme ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival


Jury Counsellor: Vera Schmidt, Deputy CEO OSTPOL e.V., Programme Manager Germany lab/p3


Jury Egypt

- Noor Abed, visual artist

- Hossam Elouan, Film Producer, CairoSahar Hamouda PhD., Professor for Literature University of Alexandria

- Islam Kamal, Fig Leaf Studios, Visual Artist, Artistic Director lab/p 3 Egypt

- Alaa Khaled, Novelist

- Andrew Mohsen, film critic & festival coordinator Ismailia film festival

- Thekla Worch-Ambara, Director of Goethe-Institut Alexandria


Jury Counsellor: Sameh Nabil, Programme Manager Egypt lab/p3