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lab p – poetry in motion

Lab/p - poetry in motion is a program supporting up - and - coming poetry and animation artists.

lab/p (2014)

lab/p2 - Über das Ankommen (2016)

lab/p3 - Identity (2018/2019)


The Ansichtssache project supports emerging talent with an aim of stimulating and improving the awareness of cultural diversity. This is achieved through a process of interdisciplinary and multi-cultural dialogue between young writers from Leipzig and international film school students.

Over time, ANSICHTSSACHE has learnt that this enhanced international awareness can be achieved not only within the political arena but also through a framework of creative processes. The collective artistic endeavours that the students undertake has a significant and lasting impact; it generates not only a closer bond between the participating partner countries but also builds bridges for the realisation of future projects.

To achieve the above described goal a four-tiered programme has been developed to support the innovative dual approach of combining interdisciplinary cooperation with multicultural exchange. 


ANSICHTSSACHE – the international co-production project with up-and-coming scriptwriters from Leipzig is taking place in 2011 for the third time. The successful cooperation between film schools in the Ukraine and Poland is being continued in cooperation with the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (theater, film, radio and television) Belgrade, Serbia. The German partner is – as before – the renowned Deutsche Literaturinstitut Leipzig (German Creative Writing Programme - DLL).



This project - again- brings together the six best short film scripts - written by students from Deutsches Literatur Institut Leipzig (DLL) - Germany's only school for creative writing and - the inspiration of young filmmakers from internationally reknowned Polish National Film, Television and Theater School PWSFTviT, Lodz.


How do you write stories about a country you’ve never seen before? Karl May had to wait more than 20 years before he was finally able to travel abroad to the settings of his novels. Six students of the Deutsches Literaturinstitut Leipzig – Roman Ehrlich, Dorothee Elmiger, Franz Friedrich, Jasmin Herold, Sascha Kokot and Oliver Kluck – were given their chance much sooner: during the summer semester of 2008, at a seminar under the direction of Dr. Cathy de Haan, they developed screenplays for short films set in the Ukraine.